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What is Birdies for Charity?

In 2004, The Travelers Championship launched the Birdies for Charity program, adopting a national model that has seen great success in other markets. Today, the Birdies for Charity program continues to develop and thrive and has become an easy and effective fundraising opportunity for every 501(c)(3) organization. Birdies for Charity is a giving platform that utilizes the excitement around the Travelers Championship to help nonprofits across the region raise awareness and funds to support their missions.

How Does it Work?

Birdies for Charity is a pledge-based fundraiser, based upon the number of birdies made during the 2015 Travelers Championship, June 22-28, 2015. Similar to a walk-a-thon, donors pledge per birdie made. For example, if 1,500 birdies are made: 1 cent = $15; 10 cents =$150; $1.00 = $1500.

Birdies History

2014 – 1,828 birdies made
2013 – 1,620 birdies made
2012 – 1,885 birdies made

2011 – 1,839 birdies made
2010 – 1,834 birdies made
2009 – 1,888 birdies made

For Example:

2015 Collected Pledges: $2,000
2015 Cash Back Program: $300
Total Funds Received in 2015: $2,300.

Program Incentives:

Birdies Bonus Bucks Program


CohnReznick is the proud presenting sponsor of the Birdies for Charity Bonus Bucks Program. CohnReznick has generously donated $50,000 to be distributed among participating nonprofits through a 15% matching program.

Each organization that raises money through the Birdies for Charity program will receive a minimum of 15% of the pledges collected as a bonus up to a maximum of $11,250 (which would equal 15% of $75,000 in donations collected).