A meeting will be held Tuesday at 7:30pm at 

the home of Mrs. Burton Bolt, Higby Road to organize parents of retarted children. Interested persons may contact Mrs. Bolt.

September 27, 1955

"Little did I think that 60 years later I would still be alive to see all that has been accomplished by MARC since I was its first President in 1955.


I moved to Santa Barbara, California in 1962 but MARC has always been in my heart. I am now 87 but I've never forgotten how much help and support I received in personal and public ways from MARC members and the community at large.


I am writing to thank you for what has been done over the last 60 years by MARC for children with disabilities and their parents. I send you my best wishes for continued success in future years.  God bless all of you."


Catherine "Renee" Bolt


MARC began as a grassroots organization in 1955 spearheaded by eight families desperate for help and support for their
children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).  At that time there was little support or community services
for their children.  Public schools were not an option at that time and group homes were non-existent.  Large, cold,
impersonal institutions were the only (and unpleasant) alternative to their plight.

Eventually they successfully petitioned the Middletown Board of Education to admit children with I/DD. Through the years
MARC has opened multiple group homes, created business ventures, started a homeownership program, began a
recreation and a self-advocacy group and so much more.  Today we are a multi-faceted organization serving hundreds of
adults and children with disabilities in employment, community living, and recreation programs.

MARC Community Resources is an affiliated chapter of The Arc, the largest national volunteer-based organization
devoted solely to advocacy on issues pertaining to individuals with I/DD and their families.  On the statewide level we are
also very active with The Arc CT.  MARC is also proud and grateful to be the recipients of a Middlesex United Way grant
that supports our Adult Leisure Program and our outreach and advocacy efforts.




Melissa Davison-Wood
President & CEO
E: melissa.davison-wood@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 100


Karen Rettenmeier
VP of Finance & IT
E: karen.rettenmeier@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 112

Donnalynn Notaro
VP of Human Resources
E: donnalynn.notaro@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 120

Lori Lodge.jfif

Lori Lodge
VP of Development
E: lori.lodge@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 121

Asia 032018_edited.jpg

Asia Allen
Director of Residential Services
E: asia.allen@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 400

Clara Huebenthal
Communications & Marketing Manager
E: clara.huebenthal@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 110

Vanessa Carrero
Accounting Assistant
E: vanessa.carrero@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 117

Lori-Ann Hoberman.jpg

Lori-Ann Hoberman
Director of Employment Services
E: lori.hoberman@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 312

Amber DeFelice.jpg

Amber DeFelice
Director of Day Services
E: amber.defelice@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 305


Lisa Christensen
Director of Leisure Services
E: lisa.christensen@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 813

Trudy Haury.jpg

Trudy Haury
Director of Independent

Support Services
E: trudy.haury@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 440

Heather Dierberger
Human Resources Coordinator
E: heather.dierberger@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 123

Chantel O'Brien
Administrative Manager
E: chantel.obrien@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 322

Jessly Guzman
Accounting Assistant
E: jessly.guzman@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 118

Heather Ferrara
Behavior Specialist
E: heather.ferrara@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 115
Cell: 860-426-5197

Katherine Hugh
Program Manager - Custom DSO
E: katherine.hugh@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 307
Cell: 203-859-8773

Venita Barnes
Scheduling Coordinator
E: venita.barnes@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 308

Sahrina Niro
Case Manager -
Contemporary DSO
E: sahrina.niro@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 316

Felicia Freeman
Program Manager - Classic DSO
E: felicia.freeman@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 317

Tyler Doleman
Case Manager - Classic DSO
E: tyler.doleman@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 450

Cara Trajeski
Case Manager - Employment
E: cara.trajeski@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 310

Dimitar Tashkovski
Transition Coordinator
E: dimitar.tashkovski@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 514
Cell: 860-759-9139

Saundra Carr
Residential Services Manager
E: saundra.carr@marc-cr.org
P: 860-342-0700 ext 160

Douglas Shorter
Sr. Residential Manager -

Fenwood & CRS
E: douglas.shorter@marc-cr.org
P(CRS): 860-852-3469
P(Fenwood): 860-788-3814

MarQuasha Osborne
Residential Manager of M1
E: marquasha.osborne@marc-cr.org
Cell: 860-8310-9222

Alicia Rodriguez
Residential Manager of M2
E: alicia.rodriguez@marc-cr.org
Cell: 860-807-5826

Mylene Wynn
Residential Manager of M3
E: mylene.wynn@marc-cr.org
Cell: 860-310-9222

Deborah Gurecki
Residential Manager of M4
E: deborah.gurecki@marc-cr.org
P(M4): 860-632-0373



Joe Knee

Wesleyan University, Parent

1st Vice Chairperson

Joseph Hausmann



2nd Vice Chairperson

Brian Corvo

Holland-Lyme Ventures, LLC


Past Chairperson

Rich Knotek



Deb Petruzzello

Retired Educator


Igor Bochenkov

Marcum LLP

Guardian Angels


George Johnson


Nancy Cronin

A.R. Mazzotta Employment Specialists


Courtney Becher

Wesleyan University


Darian Boling



Lakisha Hyatt

Connecticut Valley Hospital


Jay McGuiness

Chelsea Groton Bank


Lynette Coleman

American Heart Association, 

L. Coleman Consulting


Allen Stanwix

Greenwald Industries


Elizabeth Lankarge

Retired, Parent



Linda Jo Sanborn

Middlesex Health


Joe Santaniello

Charles IT