APPEAL 2020-21

This year has been unimaginable for all of us and undoubtedly, the most difficult one here at MARC.

We faced questions that challenged our resources and knotted our hearts.

How do you explain a mandatory quarantine to someone who already experiences daily isolation? How do you define a pandemic to someone who suffers from heightened anxiety and a compromised immune system?

What do you do when you cannot accompany your loved one (who depends on your voice) to the hospital? Where do you go for technology that you cannot afford and do not understand how to use?


Thankfully, the answers became simple; with compassion, courage, perseverance, community support, and you.


By July, program participants taught others how to stay productive thanks to our compassionate and courageous Direct Support Professionals on the front line. Families and advocates banded together to elevate our community's voices, ensuring people with I/DD were not alone at the hospital. Thanks to supporters like you, MARC provided the technology and instructions to participants so they could safely enjoy our services from home.

We have overcome so much this year, and there are so many more stories I could share, but the truth is,

the future is uncertain, and questions remain. That is why we need you. You can help us find the answers, overcome the pandemic, and prepare for a vibrant future.

We understand that this is a hard time for everyone. Whether large, small, monthly or pledged, your gift will allow MARC to remain open and safe. You will help improve our programs' quality with professional instructors, provide new and exciting opportunities like horticulture and virtual reality, increase mobile accessibility for our exits and entrances, expand our outdoor leisure areas, and much more!

We can't thank you enough for helping us continue this mission of empowerment for people with I/DD, even in the middle of a pandemic. We will get through this and thrive because of you, your faith, and your humanity.

We need your help more than ever.



Who now has his first,
very own apartment.


Whose working on her typing to
increase her job skills.


A now fearless adventurer, exploring
the world beyond his home.