Annual Appeal 2022

When you hear the word isolation, what first comes to your mind?

I think of loneliness, depression, and even deterioration of mind, body, and spirit. These words are hard for me to write, let alone share with you.

The sad reality is people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are forced into isolation far too often.

I use the word force because it’s not always a personal choice; society has yet to level the playing field for people with I/DD. What we often consider a fun night out to a restaurant or community event can be a daunting task for these marginalized members of our society; simple things like reading a menu or transportation aren’t regularly accessible.

Sarah, a person with I/DD, has lived too long in an uncomfortable world of isolation.

For many years she spent her nights and weekends with her elderly father. Sarah had no one to socialize with and was lonely and isolated. It was hard for her to meet new people because she struggled with simple conversations.

Since joining MARC’s Adult Skill Development & Leisure program, Sarah has gained the skills and the confidence to make new friends. She now has a community to share shopping expeditions with, lunches out to restaurants, excursions to ball games, and more. For Sarah, this program is now a permanent part of her life that she looks forward to each week. No longer are her nights and weekends spent lonely at home.

Sarah is now happy and sociable, making friends wherever she goes. 

Give today, so Sarah and others like her have the opportunity for social engagements in our community. These experiences are vital to the well-being of each of us. Only with your gift can we prevent isolation and continue the important work we do.

Through MARC’s unique programs, together, we can level the playing field for people with I/DD.

Two women looking into and smiling at the camera.