COVID-19 Resources for Individuals & Families

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The Arcs of CT came together to bring you this informational video on all things COVID-19. The individuals featured in this video provide the viewer with an educational background of Coronavirus. They go through daily practices to maintain safe and healthy and avoid getting the virus. They also provide various ideas for activities to stay busy and productive, especially when staying home. We hope you enjoy!

All Things COVID-19 by The Arcs of CT

Virtual Services Page

We have created a Virtual Services page in our menu so you can see all the upcoming activities, other services that are currently in the works, and have access to multiple resources,

MARC Friends Facebook Group

We have created a private Facebook Group for individuals, families and staff to interact with one another. You can share photos, videos, and more! We will also be posting activities to the group and other fun suggestions for keeping busy while at home. If you would like to join, please email Clara Huebenthal at with the email address associated with your facebook account.

Plain Language Information on COVID-19


This 8-page booklet about the Coronavirus is written in plain language. It was created by Green Mountain Self-Advocates and for people with developmental disabilities. It focuses on “need to know” information (not “nice to know” information).

Oregon - COVID-19 Explanation: Plain Language Video and Captioned

Social Stories - Wearing a Mask


This resource provides a visual guide for individuals with autism about wearing a mask to avoid spreading germs. The resource includes why it's important to wear a mask, as well as information about how to safely wear and remove masks.

Social Stories - Seeing Other People Wearing a Mask

Other People in Masks.jpg

Even as an adult, it felt kind of strange and startling to see people wearing masks. I'm SURE that our kids are feeling the same way. Once we talk about it in a non-scary way, it will become more normalized and cause less anxiety. - Autism Little Learners

Updates from DDS for Individuals and Families

Tips for Families in Supporting Their Children with Disabilities in Virtual Formats

Strategies & Resources in Distance Learning for Individuals with Disabilities

with Significant Needs

(Linda O’Neal, SDSU, Program Specialist, California Career Innovations & WINTAC, Regional Center of Orange County & Chapman University Thompson Policy Institute) Download PDF here.

How To Video Series - VCU Autism Center for Excellence

These short videos are approximately five minutes long and are intended to provide a quick look at implementing a particular strategy. The How To videos provide a short description of the topic with real life video examples of how to implement the evidence-based practice in the classroom with students with ASD. Check out the videos here.