A Moment To Reflect

As 2020 continues to challenge us with unexpected difficulties, we can’t help but reflect on the positive. For the first time in 65 years, MARC has a new home under one roof. As we look back on the milestones in our history, we will forever cherish the memories made as we look to a future of many more.

“I am going to miss being able to walk to main street and feeling so closely tied to the community. I am looking forward to us all being under one roof which will encourage cross department collaborations, better communication and a better understanding of the challenges each of us face.”

– Linda Iovanna, CEO/President

A view from Linda’s old office at 124 Washington St.

“It was 15 years ago… I was working for Saturday for Kids program during the purchasing of the 421 Main St. building, and planned to utilize it for our programming on Saturday mornings. Switching from our other previous temporary locations, (Mercy H.S., Xavier H.S.) it was nice to finally have a home. 15 years later…. I see the same faces all grown up reminding me of those special Saturdays, which makes my heart full.

Safari Animal Rides visits Saturday for Kids in 2005.

I will certainly miss the building and the memories it holds for me. I am excited for new opportunities and growth of the programs we’ll continue to enhance in our new home. With the space available at 25 Industrial Park Rd., our programs can soar with innovation, creativity and more opportunities.” – Agnes Acampora, Transition Manager

“Leaving places of such good memories for new horizons is always bittersweet; places where we’ve made new friends and seen our mission in action and laid the groundwork for a new chapter of service. Two things I look forward to most in our new home: bringing the MARC family closer together and providing new services and opportunities to those we current serve, and to many more friends that we haven’t met yet. This is our mission in action. OK, a third…….lots of parking!” – Rich Knotek, Board of Directors Chair/Volunteer

“The thing I will selfishly miss about 124 Washington Street is my short walk across the street for meetings. But I also remember when we were thinking about buying the building. Liz Warner, Linda’s predecessor, would come to meetings at my office, look out the window and say ‘I’m going to find a way to buy that building’.  And she did.  It is a beautiful building and I’ll miss the character it has and how much it meant to Liz. I’m looking forward to program enhancements at the new building and how nice it will be to have everyone under one roof.”

– Nancy Cronin, Board of Directors (Director/Volunteer)

MARC’s previous administrative offices at 124 Washington St.

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