A Perfect Fit

Tony, Steven, and Nasharie visiting Steven’s church.

Steven recently moved in with his new roommates in Middletown, but to Marquasha, their house manager, “you would have thought he lived here for years.”

When helping Steven find a place that matched what he needed, his sister, Cindy, found MARC. He moved in just this December and has shown nothing but signs of joy. “I’m really glad that we found such a wonderful place for Steven to live,” says Cindy.

Steven loves to cook and shows that by making his lunches often. He also enjoys baking on the weekends with his roommates and staff and is always helpful when it comes to cleaning up. He also enjoys going out in the community with his roommates, especially attending church.

Steven primarily uses sign language to communicate and often signs how happy he is. Nevertheless, since moving in, many have found him to be using lots of words to express his needs or simply have a chat.

“He has just been so much joy. If I feel stressed out, just seeing Steven makes my day, knowing he’s happy here,” says Marquasha.

The little stories like these make what we do here at MARC so meaningful, and we’re so thankful to everyone who helps make them possible.

All the roommates enjoying a home cooked meal together.
A wave from the dinner table
Steven preparing his lunch
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Six roommates enjoying a home cooked meal together