Agency Update From President & CEO, Linda Iovanna

Since opening the doors of our new building and embarking on our first phase of reopening, we are grateful for the support many of you have shown us. Your positive feedback and understanding give us the guidance and confidence needed to navigate a new path of providing services.

We are consistently brainstorming and implementing procedures to maintain a safe, healthy, yet engaging environment. We are utilizing new technology such as UV sanitation stations and are looking at touch-less temperature kiosks. We are also excited to be launching a new and improved, permanent virtual services portal to engage with individuals unable to return to programs.

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I am happy to share that the Community Health Center in Middletown will be providing two additional mobile testing days here at MARC. The dates are September 21st 9 AM – 1 AM and October 26th 9 AM – 1 AM. Please keep an eye out on our website for details. We’ll send out emails with links to register and to complete waivers as well. If you or your family member has a special need, please make arrangements with your MARC Case Manager in advance. We’ll ensure Case Managers share special arrangements with the whole team for improved success. I am also working with the Director of Public Health in Middletown to set up a flu clinic onsite. There will be more to follow as we establish dates and protocols.

It is important that families and participants meet with their DDS and MARC Case Managers and teams to create a return to program plan. DDS administration has stated that funding will be recycled for people who do not utilize their authorizations for services after a three-month period. Participating in virtual services does count as utilizing services, so it does not necessarily mean that the person has to be present at our building. If you have concerns about returning to program, please discuss them with your MARC Case manager so we can address them. Please make sure you keep yourself informed and make the necessary arrangements for services that best suit your needs.

In the coming weeks people who are not able to tolerate masks will be returning to program. We will continue to work with these individuals to work toward mask tolerance or shields for people with medical reasons. They will for now be transported separately. We welcome everyone back and will have space reserved for people who are not wearing masks. This way the safety of everyone is maintained while allowing everyone the benefit of returning to program.

I do have some sad news to report as well. We will be experiencing more change in the Employment Department. Carvey Jerrick will be stepping down from the Director position effective Friday, October 30th. Carvey and his family will be heading to Guyana for an extended visit. While we are dismayed to lose him, we are happy that he will be having this time with family and that he will pursue personal endeavors upon his return.

Carvey will focus his attention on several significant projects for MARC during his last couple of months. These include a Lean project to streamline billing, EVV, a Virtual reality grant and will aid in department training and preparation for his departure.

We have posted the vacancy and are working on finding our next Director of Employment Services. In the interim we have two exemplary employees who have taken on additional duties to ensure the smooth operation of Employment Services and the onboarding of our new Director when the time comes. Amber DeFelice is our Acting Director of Day and Employment Services. She will be responsible for both Day and Employment Departments. Lori-Ann Hoberman is our Acting Assistant Director of Employment Services. She will continue with her job development responsibilities and will assist Amber in all personnel management issues. Lori-Ann will collaborate with Jason Korn and Erica Rivera to implement department goals and objectives.

We are confident that Amber and Lori-Ann will aid employment in reaching reopen goals and will ensure we meet the needs of our constituency while providing a great work environment. We are excited to have Carvey with us to share his expertise and to address these projects that we otherwise would not have been able to manage.

In 2020, we knew our goal was to serve more individuals since acquiring our new building. We are proud to say, especially during a pandemic, that four new individuals joined our program! Through these times of uncertainty, our community needs us more than ever.

Thank you for helping us continue our mission of empowerment. We look forward to helping more and more people realize their dreams and thrive within the changing landscape.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to know more about our services, please let us know by emailing

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Congratulations placard for hard work