COVID-19 Update From President & CEO, Linda Iovanna

Thus far, all is well within our community. We continue to provide services to the best of our ability and meet the needs of the MARC constituency.

Dancing with Stacey Bobbitt every Tuesday & Thursday!

Numerous virtual programs are being put in place of our regular Day Services, including a theatre class hosted by Oddfellows Playhouse and a dancing class hosted by Stacey Bobbitt. Amber DeFelice is planning more every week and is open to any creative suggestions. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to a MARC case manager for assistance.

Carvey Jerrick, our Director of Employment Services, welcomed his first baby into the world on Sunday, April 5th. The baby, Carvey Jr., and his mom are doing well. Carvey made arrangements with Jason Korn, Employment Services Program Manager, to stay connected with our program participants checking in routinely and planning online activities. We hope to keep our community engaged and connected.

Dancing with Stacey Bobbitt every Tuesday & Thursday!

Our In-Home Support staff continues to check in on families in need. Trudy Haury, Director of Individual Services, has set in place a telemedicine system called the Claris Companion with many of our families that enables us to provide care and assistance remotely.

Our case managers and program managers are readily available for individuals and families who need support. Below is a link to our most recent contact information: scroll down below my welcome for details on contacting all managers.

If you are not able to connect with the persons you need to, any manager will be able to help, and you can email me directly at

Below, we have included a letter for individuals and families from DDS that highlights the available services. DDS has been working closely with the provider community to make services available in creative ways, as we all work to assist our constituency during this unprecedented time. Additionally, DDS extended the No Visitor Policy another 30 days to May 20th at all group homes. We will continue to make sure our residents are communicating regularly with families and loved ones.

Letter to Individuals and Families from DDS

Download English Version | Download Spanish Version

Our staff is following the CDC safety guidelines and are constantly monitoring their health and that of the people we serve. Our residential settings are practicing a risk assessment on any staff person entering the home to ensure staff is healthy when they arrive for their shifts. We have ordered enough protective equipment, should one of our residents contract the virus, to secure the safety of our staff. They are reporting any symptoms to HR daily. Asia Allen, Residential Director, has worked very hard to implement procedures and protocols to ensure both staff and residents stay safe. We will be transparent with families, keeping them informed if an individual or staff person tests positive. We are being vigilant and hope this will not be necessary. Staff who have symptoms, have a family member who is sick, or have traveled internationally are instructed not to report to work.

Behind the scenes, we continue to move the business forward. The building project is progressing, and we continue to pack for our move. Directors and Managers are at work every day, making sure we keep programs together and address the needs of our community. The plan is changed daily owing to the compliance with proper virus safety protocols. First and foremost, we want to keep staff safe. We are not allowing more than 3-5 people in any of our properties on a given day. We anticipate that programs will have been moved to 25 Industrial Park road by the time business operations resume. We will work with families to orient participants and staff to our new space. Marcy Goodman and Clara Huebenthal, are working on a virtual tour that may help people become acclimated as well. We’ll keep you posted on this endeavor and the ongoing changes as we adjust to the daily updates and protocols.

Most importantly, I need to express my gratitude to our Direct Support Professionals. Our staff has been incredibly brave, supportive, and selfless during this time. On all occasions, they put the people we serve first! Some have vulnerable family members or childcare complications, and they are working from home in many capacities to support us. There have been NO call outs or refusal to work owing to the virus. Humbled by the strength, compassion, and dedication of our staff, it is a pleasure to be part of this team.

We are hopeful we’ll all be back together soon. Brighter times are around the corner.

Sincere regards,

Linda Iovanna

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