Daring to Dream, Believe, and Achieve

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On October 18th, MARC Community Resources celebrated 68 years of helping people with disabilities live their best lives. This year’s theme, “Daring to Dream, Believe, and Achieve,” provided the opportunity for staff and the individuals in our programs to reflect upon their dreams, what they believe, and what we can achieve individually and collectively.

When MARC staff were asked to write one word on a canvas to define what they dream, believe, and want to achieve, their replies included fulfillment, joy, independence, contentment, love, tranquility, and peace, to name a few.  Some of the responses we received from the individuals who participate in MARC’S programs include “I want to be treated as a valued member of the community,” “I want to try new things,” “I want to dress how I want,” and “I want everyone to know what I’m made of.”

Sixty-eight years ago, a handful of families came together with a dream. They dreamed of a world where their children with I/DD could go to public school just like other children. They believed that they could make that happen, and it did. Believing in a more inclusive world has helped people with disabilities achieve their dreams.

So much is possible when we dare to dream!

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