The Art Of Giving

Zak is 29 years young, with laughter in his belly and love in his heart. He enjoys playing basketball, cracking jokes with friends, and trying out new hobbies. He recently discovered a newfound joy for painting rocks while spending more time at home during quarantine. “It’s been keeping him busy and has proven to be very therapeutic…,” says Zak’s mom.

Art is known for bringing ease and tranquility into people’s lives, especially people with I/DD. Our partnership with Oddfellows Playhouse has proven invaluable for many of the individuals here at MARC. We even have an in-house artist, Kyle O’Neil, whose artwork is recognizable throughout Middlesex County.

Zak’s painted rocks are not just for his pleasure, though. He has been gifting them to friends as an uplifting, daily treasure to get them through this new terrain of life. He even began selling them to neighbors and family as a way to raise money for MARC!

With thoughtful, creative and caring friends like Zak, we will get through this. Consider making your donation today in the spirit of Zak so we can continue this journey of allowing people with I/DD to discover their dreams!

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Client selling painted rocks on a warm afternoon