In order to promote independent living MARC offers residential programs that are not only designed to support the individual needs of each person, but recognize and value their preferences as well. Our goal is to help people live with comfort and dignity in community settings with whatever support they need. Respect, quality of life and choice all play significant roles in achieving this goal.

Options range from Community Living Arrangements to Supported Living and we have begun to offer In-Home Supports.


We recognize that our role is to empower each person to take charge of and manage their lives to the best of their ability.  We encourage them to make decisions on how they live, the relationships they have, the work they do, and the activities they participate in. 



Employment Services

Individuals can choose to find work through our Independent Supported Employment (ISE) program or they may wish to work as part of a small crew through the Group Supported Employment (GSE) program.  All work sites are community-based and placement is made based on their Person-Centered plan.  For individuals in the ISE program, we offer career planning, application assistance, resume writing, interview skills training and other supports necessary to help find employment.  We will also provide support to ensure that the individual is successful.  A job coach is always present with the GSE work crews and transportation is provided. 

Day Services

Utilizing the Person-Centered approach we help individuals determine the programs they wish to participate in based on their abilities and interests.  All programs are based on community inclusion, enrichment activities, and life skills. We offer music/dance appreciation and therapy, low-impact exercise, nutrition and cooking instructions, volunteer activities at parks and nature centers and iPad and technology skills - just to name a few.  MARC continues to seek out opportunities that will enhance and benefit a person’s life.


School-to-Life transition services are available to help prepare students with their approaching adult roles.  We will work with the families, Boards of Education, and individual PPT teams as early as age 14 to help in the process of a fulfilling and happy life in their school careers. 

We are also fortunate to have a Behavioral Health Specialist on staff to support individuals if the need should arise on an ongoing basis if necessary.


MARC is also proud to be part of a unique collaboration with our neighbor, Oddfellows Playhouse.  It all began after a one-time play back in 2012 that was funded in part by the Community Foundation of Middlesex County. Oddfellows provided space for rehearsals and ultimately the play.  It is an amazing experience to watch individuals break out of their comfort zones, create relationships and improve their communication and socialization skills.  Imagine what could be done in an ongoing program.  Fortunately we don't have to imagine, we see it week after week. 



Our Adult Skill Development & Leisure program is the only one of its kind in the area that provides recreational opportunities to over 100 adults in Middlesex County and the Greater Hartford area. Programs are offered year-round, Tuesdays through Saturdays at various times.

Our program publication, The Leisure Link, is produced on a quarterly basis and offers a wide range of leisure opportunities promoting skill development, wellness, independence, friendships and fun.


Programs not only address the needs and interests on an individual basis, but also according to similar interests, ages (21+) and skill levels. Feedback is solicited from participants to develop future programming, fostering decision making as well as ownership of the program.


In the midst of all the fun there’s always an opportunity to teach and promote health and wellness, good communication skills, safety, and self-reliance.  They give opportunities for more individualized guidance, support, and skill development.


Small groups offer successful integration in the community, resulting in acceptance by people without disabilities. We encourage socialization not only within our leisure programs, but also with members of their community. Continued experiences ensure that friendships, community, and social networks are created and sustain themselves outside of the program.

Fees are affordable, no one is turned away due to inability to pay.




Parent advocacy is the foundation upon which MARC began.  Advocacy is at the root of all change and growth.  MARC continues their advocacy efforts to this day. 


The Guardian Angels are MARC's Self-Advocacy group.  We have provided them the platform from which they can advocate on their own behalf for their own well-being.  The group is also very involved in their community and they like to give back whenever they can.  They have a board of directors, bylaws, and manage their own finances.  They routinely participate in advocacy seminars and conferences and they are members of the state chapter of People First. The topic of discussion at each meeting is decided by the group and is facilitated by our Advocacy and Outreach Manager.

Family Support and Advocacy

MARC Community Resources provides numerous services to assist the family and friends of those we support with an understanding of the resources available, the tough economic times and the hardships families face on a daily basis.


We are committed to providing support and standing side by side with families as they navigate and access the complex and confusing system of services.  Parents, other family members, even friends are encouraged to joint our Family and Friends Action Team.  It is an excellent way for families to stay in touch and learn about the current issues that affect them.